How to integrate a POS with Shopify

The integration of a POS with an online store is a very important aspect for operational efficiency. In order for users to be able to shop online, they need to be able to pay by credit card and other digital payment methods automatically, quickly and easily. How to integrate a POS with Shopify?

Of course, an online platform that allows you to manage payments is not enough. It's not just about charging the customer, but also that sales, stock, prices and orders can be synchronized between your ERP financial management program and your eCommerce platform.

If you have an online store with Shopify and want to integrate your virtual POS with Shopify, we will show you what options you have to do so.

What is Shopify?

It is an eCommerce platform with which you can create and manage your online store. Shopify is a solution as a service in the cloud, which greatly facilitates the process of launching an eCommerce.

This platform was founded by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand and Scott Lake in 2006. Since then, its popularity has grown to become one of the leading eCommerce platforms on the Internet.

The great advantage of Shopify is that it offers an intuitive and customizable admin panel, so anyone, even if they don't have advanced computer skills, can create an online store and start selling easily.

What are the best POS for Shopify?

Having your POS connected to Shopify is very important. Having an online store is not enough to be able to charge your customers. Even if you have a checkout solution, it needs to be configured to work. Of course, you want customers to be able to pay online with their bank debit/credit card, as well as other payment methods.

Let's take a look at some of the options you have if you're looking for a Shopify store with virtual POS.
  • Shopify Payments: this is the native Shopify POS tool. It allows you to make payments with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay. This tool allows encrypted payments and is PCI compliant. It is a quick and easy way to implement a virtual POS.
  • Virtual POS from your bank: in this case, you will have to manage with your bank the POS for Shopify, as well as consider the commissions, setup fee and installation cost.
  • Paypal: as you may already know, it is a well-known payment gateway. To set it up you need to have a merchant account. It only has the disadvantage that payments are made on the PayPal page and not inside your store.
This is just a sample of the virtual POS that you can implement in Shopify. However, it is important to keep in mind that you need solutions that allow you to manage orders both in your physical stores and in your online store. And it is also important that your POS, as well as your online store, is integrated with your ERP, so that you can have a single record of data.

In this line, Zucchetti's ERP and POS software solutions are designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution, with which you can have complete control of sales and orders in any channel, and that data is automatically integrated into your management software.

This is ideal, especially if you have a company in the HORECA sector, where you can't settle for just any POS system. What is effective is to use a vertical ERP system that has its own POS and you can have an ERP integrated with eCommerce.

How to connect a POS to Shopify?

The process of connecting your own virtual POS to Shopify is not complex. In any case, if you hire the TCPOS solution, you can turn to our support for the entire implementation process and you will have no problem in that your POS is integrated with Shopify and in perfect working order.

The process of integrating a POS with the Shopify platform can be done in the following way:
  • Log into Shopify and look for the "Payment Providers" option.
  • Activate the chosen payment gateway and complete the information requested.
  • Choose the payment method(s) that you are going to accept in your online store. These methods must be compatible with your payment gateway.
  • If you have chosen a virtual POS that allows payment with virtual currencies, you must indicate this in the alternative payment methods section.
All in all, you don't have to worry about the implementation of your ERP with POS, since Zucchetti Spain will provide you with all the advice you need and will help you in the implementation process.

How can you have a good POS with the help of Zucchetti?

The POS is a strategic tool in many businesses. Its function is to help digitize the management of sales and orders. Ideally, the POS, both physical and virtual, should connect with your ERP software to facilitate data integration and optimize sales processes.

At Zucchetti Spain we are aware of the need that many businesses have for POS software designed for them. This is the case of many businesses in the hotel, restaurant, catering and hospitality sector, where it is vital to have an integrated ERP and POS tool to help us manage omnichannel and facilitate integration with your online store.

In this line, we recommend solutions like TCPOS, if you have a chain of restaurants, hotels, cafes or catering establishments, so that you can have a complete and comprehensive solution that integrates with your ERP software. If you are an SME, the best solution for you would be Tilby POS software, the ideal cloud solution for small and medium businesses.