Advantages of having a POS in your business

Maybe you are considering having a POS system in your business. But you still don't know what benefits it can bring you. If you want to know more about POS software and its advantages and disadvantages, below we will show you all the benefits that this tool could bring to your business.

What are the benefits of having a POS system?

As you already know, a POS software is the set of hardware and software solutions that allow you to manage sales. Companies that do not have a POS generally use a cash register, which forces them to carry out the processes manually.

Unlike companies that work with cash registers and traditional systems, POS software helps you to carry out the management of transactions in a fast and agile way. Let's see what are the benefits of POS software and how it could improve your business.

Greater control

The first advantage of a POS program is that you have greater control over all processes. At your Point of Sale you can have all the products in your warehouse, with the updated stock number. When a sale occurs, the customer pays in cash or with the dataphone and you only have to touch the touch screen and in a moment you will have registered the transaction, issuing a ticket for your customer.

This way, there is no way to make mistakes, unlike what would happen if you had to manually tally all the sales recorded at the cash register at the end of the day. Here it is often very easy to make mistakes when keying in the numbers.

Information always available

The POS is also a source of information for your business. You can check what products you have in inventory, stock numbers, characteristics associated with each product, and so on. With a barcode reader, you can instantly register the sale of any product you have in your business, without having to type the code.

Because the information is always available, you can save time and make all processes much more agile and efficient.

Reduction of errors

When you don't have a POS, many mistakes can be made. For example, typing the wrong price for a product and undercharging the customer. This would not happen if you had your POS with its inventory and list of references, where you only have to click on the product and the updated price is automatically marked.

Clerical errors can also be made when you try to transfer ticket information to your inventory database. The fact that this is a manual process, apart from being time-consuming and costly, increases the risk of serious errors in your numbers, which can lead to incorrectly filed tax forms and a fine in an inspection.

Cash closings

The cash closing consists of the accounting of the cash inflows and outflows in your business. Its purpose is to check that the cash or any payment that has been made (by check or bank card) corresponds to the value of the sales that you have recorded in your system. Generally, cash closing is performed at the end of the day, although different periods may be stipulated for this.

When cash closing is performed manually, the posting process is slow and can lead to errors. On the other hand, with a POS system, the process is faster and more agile, and you don't need to check paper tickets to verify transactions.

Flexibility and adaptability

POS-TPV systems are a flexible and efficient way to manage your sales. If you open new stores, you can use the same POS system, which would have access to the same warehouse, with up-to-date stock and prices. The only thing you need is to have the hardware means to open the new cash register (ticket printer, cash register, computer, touch screen...), but the software is the same.

Customer care

Many POS software include different discount and customer loyalty programs. In addition, when we talk about the advantages of POS, we should also mention that there are specific systems that work very well in certain sectors. A restaurant POS has valuable advantages when it comes to managing kitchen work and table service, as well as managing omnichannel orders that come through the app, eCommerce store, or delivery applications.

In addition, there are some types of POS that greatly facilitate the sales management process. They are the POS with self-service kiosk, where customers can directly place their order on a touch screen and pay with their bank card, which helps to reduce queues at checkout.

Why have a POS in your business?

There are many reasons to have POS software in your business. Agility, flexibility, customer service, information, reduction of administrative tasks... Many companies are aware of the great problems of having to manage sales manually.

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